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Demo EP

Recorded over 3 sessions:

August 2004 – Tracks, Gosport – Recorded ‘People not here’ and some tracks with singing on which ended up on a handful of CDs but have since been buried away. Our singer actually plays guitar on ‘People.’ Don’t remember much from these sessions apart from having about 3 pedals between us, the engineer being very laissez-faire and smoking puff all day long, and him telling me I couldn’t record some sounds from my amp because ‘it was just noise.’ Also recorded ‘Blood runs down my satisfied face as I scream with delight’ which ended up as a bonus track on the Org Records Herzoga/To The Bones split single.

Sometime in 2005 – Recorded ‘Rows’ and ‘Siding’ – Tracks, Gosport. Not sure why we went back, I think we had a free day as part of the deal.

September 2005 – ‘Yes, I think’ and ‘Nervous’ recorded in a smokey, cold, grotty, cidery basement in Leeds with our friend Andrei.

All the EP photography by Will Billany, who now runs this – – and who made our ‘Great Deadener’ video.
released 06 September 2005

Glen – Tracks, Gosport
Andrei Nosov – Basement and Living room, Leeds