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Red Eyes Unravelling

Demoed the album back in July 2008 in Winsley Studios, Emsworth. Then hooked up with our friend Joe to do the album proper. Put down the drums in Morcheeba’s old place – Back Passage Studios in Clapham. Went on a tour with Monsters Build Mean Robots, then started doing the guitars in Lower Barn Studios, Haslemere. Recorded the piano on a beautiful grand in Creame Studios, London. Dan at Escape Route Studios mastered it. We got Joe Worthington in again for the album design

Somewhere during all this the studio in Haslemere got struck by lightning which destroyed a load of equipment and the printers sent us 500 completely blank copies of the record. There was a postal strike in there too which lost a master copy. Ah well, we made it in the end…


released 12 December 2009

Produced by Joe Harding
Engineer at Back Passage – Paul Jones
Engineer at Creame – Mark Eastwood
Mastered by Dan Abela
Artwork – Joe Worthington